Friday, 15 July 2011

Task 1-the winner! and Task 2

Hello everyone! I know that it's been a long time since the deadline expired but we wanted to make sure that everything goes perfect. So here are the results of the first task. We were a bit disappointed that out of 19 competitors only 10 did the first task.

See here is what they did for the first task :

We love every single one of it, you did an amazing job:)
Still, we have a winner!And that's it...
Congratulations!You deserved it!The winner's entry is the first one.Isn't it just flawless?We decided this, along with our judges, Rralucaa1996 and Daisy_Croatia.Looks like the other judges have a short holiday, haha!Anyways, the good news is ... no one is eliminated since some of you (as we've already said) didn't do the task.Hooray!

Now, moving to task You have to do an office outfit.Imagine that you are going to be interviwed for your first job-at a fashion magazine!Make an outfit, starting from this story.Formal, dressy, casual, be creative!DIYor not, we want to see creativity, though!Deadline:25 July!
Please send the entries through private messages!Just like last time-VanAndAsh or Iovanca on Sd

Good luck!

PS:We used the mosaic for Wooldoor's graphic since she asked us to do it.
PPS:Amanda2008RC, we will soon reveal your prize!

UPDATE:Amanda2008RC, since you won 1st task your prize is a feature in Passion Magazine, owned by Daisy-Croatia and Essence Model's co-owner, Iovanca.Check out the blog by clicking HERE!
Congratulations again!


  1. Oh, I'm glad no one was eliminated! Which number entry was Amanda2008RC's?

  2. What happened with my entry i did send mine?

  3. @Liajm

    Number 1;the graaphic with the doll dressed in a white and green dress, with red shoes and a shopping bag :D


    Are you sure?Where did you send it?To me(VanAndAsh) or Iovanca?I did not receive anything

    If you have other questions, please send them here, I will respond to them asap :)

  4. Yes am sure I send it to iovanca in a stardoll message .I already told iovanca about it and she told me she did not receive it ,iovanca told me to send it to her again , so i will try to send it to her soon since i can't find the entry i send before.

  5. Oh!Then please send it again asap, since Task 2 has already started :-S
    Anyways, you'll figure out how to solve the problem of the lost design and re-send it, I'm totally sure of that!:)


  6. I'm really happy! Thank you for everything! OMG! I love all graphics! xoxo *:

  7. Congratz Amanda!! You really deserve its ^^ Brazilian fan speaking here *w*
    xx ;*