Saturday, 8 January 2011


Hello there dolls!Finnaly,after very much work,Essence Models is here!
Maybe you heard about a competition of this type before,but Essence Models is different!Well,we are Ioana (iovanca) and Delia (VanAndAsh) and we're really excited,because we wrote this togheter, and we wanna do the best we can for you. The idea is unique.Wanna tell you why?We will have a collection with your designs...Ooops!we told you some things which we shouldn't tell anyone...But, we can tell you that this competition will be about the way you can create outfits in any situations there are a lot of surprises coming,just for you.And the prizes are awesome!
Let us present our judges:
-Hay_Lin75-who's also head-judge

Stay tuned.We're coming.

Delia&Ioana a.k.a

Prizes: 1000 stardollars and an exclusively interview for one of the biggest stardoll blogs Underneath Stardoll


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  2. Hi :D Can you Follow in My Blog : , Please ? Thanks and 5/5 Bye ♥

  3. I just can not wait.:)
    Banner - apsolute perfection, topic - extremly intirquing(sp?). I just have to follow your blogspot to find out like every one else.

  4. I was just wondering when the contest is closed?

  5. awesome idea and i am totaly participating

    stardoll username :- nazanin1990